Rocky Linux 9 EOL

End of life

Rocky Linux 9 goes EOL on May 31 2032.

All Rocky Linux releases follows a longer LTS EOL schedule of 10 years of support.

Rocky Linux 8

Rocky Linux 9 follows RHEL 9. Rocky Linux 9 is the current latest version.

Rocky Linux emerges as a formidable operating system celebrated for its reliability, security, and unwavering dedication to open-source principles. Developed as a compelling solution following the discontinuation of CentOS Linux, Rocky Linux earns widespread praise for its stability and collaborative development approach. With a core focus on delivering a secure and dependable platform for enterprise and production environments, Rocky Linux inherits the strengths of CentOS while carving out its distinct identity. Building upon the CentOS foundation and community contributions, Rocky Linux ensures a smooth transition for users seeking a robust and enduring solution for their computing requirements. Its steadfast commitment to security is evident through timely updates and patches, guaranteeing a resilient and safeguarded computing ecosystem. With its adaptability, Rocky Linux serves a diverse array of use cases, spanning from data centers to cloud infrastructures and beyond. Rooted in principles of openness and community engagement, Rocky Linux fosters a dynamic community of users and developers committed to advancing the ethos of open-source software.