Language Runtime

Deploying static sites showed us a lot of considerations that are needed for any kind of deployment. To deploy a typical web application, we need to add a few more. Many backend programming languages need an interpreter that runs the application code by changing it to the machine code. Other applications compile directly to machine code or bytecode, but we might still want to compile them on the server. Depending on the application requirements at hand, we have to find the best way to provide the application runtime and install dependencies. We should also consider isolating applications from each other and the rest of the system with dedicated users.

Table of Contents

Interpreters and Compilers


System Ruby


System Python


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Gumroad (as of Aug 3, 2023)
I am using some scripts I downloaded from Josef Strzibny's book that are setting up Ruby on Rails deployment and automatically installing a PostgreSQL server. I am also using Dokku, but I like the idea of controlling what is happening on the server.
Lucian Ghinda, Senior Ruby Developer