Hands-On Networking

The purpose of networking is to connect our new server and its network services to the Internet and the rest of the local network. Understanding how public and private networking work in practice will become useful when introducing other servers to run our applications. We also need to be able to work with sockets and ports to expose network services of our own.By a hands-on exploration of a newly created virtual machine, we can learn about network interfaces, IP addresses, ports, and sockets in a more practical way. Network utilities we’ll reveal what kind of provisioning setup was done for us and help us to debug any potential networking issues down the road.

Table of Contents

Network Interfaces

MAC and IP Addresses

Sending and Receiving Traffic


Ports and Sockets



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Gumroad (as of Aug 3, 2023)
I am using some scripts I downloaded from Josef Strzibny's book that are setting up Ruby on Rails deployment and automatically installing a PostgreSQL server. I am also using Dokku, but I like the idea of controlling what is happening on the server.
Lucian Ghinda, Senior Ruby Developer