Bird’s Eye

The process of deploying web applications from scratch involves three kinds of activities: provisioning hardware, installing and configuring software, and deploying application code. There are multiple ways of how we can do this. Manual to automated, dedicated servers to cloud, vertical and horizontal scaling, virtual machines, or container orchestration.There is no single right way of doing deployments, but there are certain traits of a job well done. Security is one of those. So is performance and a handful of others. But what is the quality we should strive for? A thorough understanding of what we are doing. That’s where our focus will be. But now, let’s start with a bird’s-eye view of a general deployment process.

Table of Contents

High-Level Concepts

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Gumroad (as of Aug 3, 2023)
I am using some scripts I downloaded from Josef Strzibny's book that are setting up Ruby on Rails deployment and automatically installing a PostgreSQL server. I am also using Dokku, but I like the idea of controlling what is happening on the server.
Lucian Ghinda, Senior Ruby Developer