Application Deployment

We went on a long journey of understanding all the different pieces of getting our web applications up and running. We now know how to provision our virtual servers’ initial state and how to configure various components from webservers to firewalls. But, we are missing a deployment strategy for the application code itself.There are many ways of deploying the application code. The strategy might depend on the application stack or on how many servers we are going to run. We’ll talk about moving web application code to servers and introduce a git version control system as a deployment tool. We’ll also look at typical deployment tasks, be it the pre-compilation of assets or migration of database schemas.

Table of Contents

Deployment Strategies

Typical Concerns

Loading the Environment
Installing Dependencies
Running Migrations
Preparing Assets
Restarting Services

Deploying with Git



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Gumroad (as of Aug 3, 2023)
I am using some scripts I downloaded from Josef Strzibny's book that are setting up Ruby on Rails deployment and automatically installing a PostgreSQL server. I am also using Dokku, but I like the idea of controlling what is happening on the server.
Lucian Ghinda, Senior Ruby Developer